About Skyline


Zoe Moxie - Vocals


Zoe Moxie is a fresh up and coming voice in the live music industry. She is already a regular performer at many of the South Coast's music venues and festivals as well as singing alongside of the top session players. Zoe's tone is bright and energetic with a distinctive and unique sound. She is an unusually diverse and versatile vocalist who has who has no difficulty in performing a wide range of musical genres. Zoe also performs in an original euphoric rave band 'Firefarm', performing to crowds at festivals such as: The Isle of Wight Festival, Blissfields, Dave Fest and Hidden village.

Lewis Forfar - Guitarist


Lewis Forfar is a young and versatile guitarist who has gained a wealth of live experience from the age of 12 playing in the Funk and Soul band 'Funk Junkies'. After leaving school, Lewis studied at 'The Academy of Music and Sound' and has learnt valuable knowledge and experience from their staff. He has been playing on the pub and functions scene from the age of 16 and has enough knowledge and experience to make your event unforgettable!

Gordon Golding - Bassist


Gordon is a young, but experienced bassist that has been playing pubs and functions for over 4 years. He is currently studying a degree in 'Music Performance' at 'The Academy of Music and Sound' in Southampton. He has also had success in the originals scene as well as the functions scene. He has featured on BBC radio Solent Introducing with the band 'Daisy Chains' as well as playing multiple festivals and shows.

Matt Forfar - Drums/Backing Vocals


Matt Forfar started playing drums at a very young age and has gained a lot of valuable experience playing multiple styles of music in many different bands and projects. Matt has just passed his Foundation Degree in 'Music Performance' and is now finishing his BA degree with 'The Academy of Music and Sound'. He has been playing on the functions scene for a few years and is becoming a familiar face on the originals scene.